Dhagra’s Natural Henna Powder

Made from 100% Natural Henna Leaves, selected by our experts, tested in our Laboratory. 

Dhagra’s Bridal Henna Cone

Specially made for Exclusive Bridal Design, Ready to use Henna (Mehendi) Cones

Dhagra’s Premium Henna Cone

Ready to use cones for all occasions and all type of design. 

About us

Enjoy the best quality and functions combined together.

We are the leading manufacturer of Henna powder and Henna Cones. We have well established manufacturing facility and in House Laboratories for best quality products. 

How it works

A few things we’re great at

Henna Powder has various uses for Hair, Body tattoo, Shampoo, Conditioners etc. Our Natural Henna Powder is widely used among various industries …..


For Hair Colour

Our Henna Powder is widely used on Hair for Clouring and Softning and enhancing other properties of Hair…..


For Body Art

We manufacture best quality Powder for Body Art free from PPD, Metallic Colors or any additives…..


For Hair Dyes

Our Henna Powder is extensively used for manufacturing Henna Based Hair Dyes and Organic Hair Dyes


For Ready To Use Cones

LWe manufacture Natural Henna Powder for makinf ready to use


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Read our latest articles on Henna (Mehendi) Powder. We are trying get the best possible information available to educate our readers for Henna Powder and its various uses around the world……


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