Heena Mehandi Powder


What is Henna ?

Henna is a natural dye made by Drying, Crushing and Sifting the leaves of Henna Plant also known as Lawsonia Inermis. It is found mainly in Indian Subcontinents, Africa and Middle East. We manufacture Rajasthani Henna Mehandi which is known for its best Coloring effects. Use of Henna has been dated long back to 1800s for dyeing hairs to reddish color with the use of Henna Powder. Today, it is used in many Cosmetics to dye hairs and many commercial variants are available which are made of Henna Powder with different color tones. Every The resultant color after dyeing with Henna Powder depends on the original color of Hairs as well as amount of Henna Powder applied and can range from Orange to Auburn to Burgundy.



Henna is used by many Hair Dye Manufacturer to make Commerically available Hair Color and Dyes. 


Henna Paste is used for Body Art / Temporary Tattoo which stays for 4-5 days maximum & is best alternative than Chemical Dyes.

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